In 2021 the town of Lodi approved a resolution to adopt the New York State Climate Smart Community (CSC) Pledge. In November 2021, the town board appointed the CSC Task Force to assist the town in achieving Climate Smart Community Certification.


Develop and execute actions that will reduce the Lodi government and residents carbon footprint and achieve cost savings in the process.

Develop, execute and promote climate resilient actions that improve the safety and quality of the Lodi community and its resources.

Educate and engage the community and stakeholders on climate resilient actions.

Public Engagement and Education Events

October 2021 - Dumpster Day (Lodi Town Barns)
May 2022 - Swap Day (Lodi Fire House)
May 2022 - Workshop - Home and garden practices to help protect our lake and land (Lodi Library)
August 2022 - Community “Table Talk” focused on climate resiliency actions by residents (Village of Ovid)
October 2022 - Compost workshop (Lodi Library)
October 2022 - Dumpster Day (Lodi Town Barns)

Current projects

Flood survey and mitigation plan

Community Composting Pilot & Questionnaire

Electric vehicle charging stations

Community solar access

Street safety

Town and community greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory

New town hall climate smart upgrades

Task force participants

Seth Thomas - Lodi Town Board member and task force chair
Ave Bauder - Cornell Cooperative Extension
Jaclyn Eisman - Lodi resident
Anisa Mendizabal - Lodi resident
Karel Titus - Lodi resident
Maura Toole - Lodi resident
Laurie VanVleet - Lodi resident

Contact: Seth Thomas -

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