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WENY: Congressman Reed visits Lodi, tours flood damage

Wednesday, September 19th 2018, 6:18 PM EDT by Ashley Cafaro

LODI, N.Y. (WENY) – Residents in Lodi are still picking up the pieces after severe storms rocked their small town back in August, leaving many without homes and some residents say the state has done nothing to help them. On Wednesday, Congressman Tom Reed made a visit to Lodi State Park, where he met with residents and town officials, as well as toured devastated areas.

Lodi resident and flood victim, John Moore says August 14th is a nightmare that him and his family are still living. Their home, along with nearby homes were destroyed by flash flooding that damaged parts of Lodi last month.

“I open the garage, walked in and a surge of water just came from the garage into the house. I shut the door and got my family out of bed, within 5 minutes they were ready to go, but there was no place to go, we couldn’t get out,” said Moore.

Town officials say it has been more than a month since the flood and the state has done nothing to help them. Most residents say they are using money out of their own pockets to rebuild because they do not have flood insurance.

“The state regulations say nothing can be done from this time of year to the first of March to rearrange this, these folks know it. They have talked to their lawyers, this and that and everybody else. Its the state rules and regulations, but that’s not helping them at all,” said Town of Lodi Supervisor, Lee Davidson.

Congressman Tom Reed says he is doing everything in his power to make sure Lodi gets the help they need. Before making his visit to the town on Wednesday, Congressman Reed delivered a letter to President Donald Trump last week, requesting disaster assistance caused from severe storms.

Davidson added, “These people need help, they need some kind of reassurance and hopefully he’ll be able to do something, we don’t know but we’re hoping.”

Residents and Lodi town officials say they remain hopeful.


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